Discovering Lost Windows Passwords

Discovering Lost Windows Passwords

It is natural for people to keep their personal belongings private and securing them is made easy by simply putting passwords; and because of this, passwords are probably one of the most important codes you need to remember. But because you have too many things in your mind or you simply forgot where you wrote down that “important” code, you are now having troubles getting into your computer. There are different ways to reset the password but if you want to retrieve it instead of deleting it, you should look for Windows password recovery tools. The web is a great place to search for such software and some can be downloaded free.

How to Recover Your Windows Passwords?

Recovering a password is sometimes called “cracking”, as in the use of algorithms to gain unauthorized access. This term is often related to hackers but if you are doing this to gain entry to your personal computer, then there is nothing wrong with that. If you have zero experience with this type of troubleshooting, you might want to look for simple password recovery applications. The trick is to stay away from programs that are run through the command prompt because these types are likely advanced and you must know computer talk. Most password crack utilities are available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows password recovery utilities

The free Windows password recovery utilities you can download from the web are user friendly and can be operated by people with basic knowledge of computers. Download any of the free utilities from a computer you have access on and copy (burn) the ISO file to a bootable CD or a bootable flash disk. Once you have the ISO disk, you can insert this into your computer and it will automatically run and after a couple of minutes, your password is retrieved. This tool is very useful especially if you cannot access any user account. Do not forget to copy the ISO files onto a bootable CD; otherwise, your computer will not be able to read it outside your operating system.

If you have not changed the settings of your Administrator account, then chances are it is still password-free. Password retrieving programs can also be used to discover the passwords set for other user accounts though this will need access to the Administrator. Others can also retrieve any password if you can access any accounts; it does not have to be the Administrator but sometimes, these tools are designed for advanced users and are too technical for beginners. These tools should be installed within the Windows computer and ran using the accessible user account.

The following suggested ways to recover passwords and Windows password recovery programs are only for personal use. Using it to gain access on other people’s computers is not tolerated and is illegal. To prevent malicious attacks from hackers, you should not let other people use your personal computer because, as you can see, resetting or discovering someone’s password is quite easy. Password recovery depends on the length of your lost password so if your password is composed of several characters, you need to be patient.

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