Some facts about Windows 7

Some facts about Windows 7

In this post I will give you some facts about the latest windows operating system – windows 7. Some of the facts are totally useless, some of them are funny and some of the are educational. Please have a look:

  • In the release yer, Microsoft sold ~666,000 Windows 7 copies per day, 28,000 copies per hour and 7,7 per second! – Imagine that…
  • 92% of the new computers from the computer stores have windows 7 already pre-installed
  • It took just 6 months to fully embrace windows 7
  • Windows 7 customer satisfaction score was better then Apples products
  • Many business companies have already adopted windows 7 for their operating system
  • “Start Menu” button was clicked  a total of 14.192.941.951 times in the LAST month – How they know that?
  • The Windows 7 Start Menu was opened a total of 14,139,925,439 times in the last month alone, which shows that the orb in the bottom left hand side of the screen continues to be the focus point for the OS.
  • Over 13,000 unique programs were added to the Taskbar
  • Windows 7 is safer than Windows Vista and Windos XP

If you know more facts about the windows 7 then please leave them into the comment box or contact me via contact form.

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